No journalist wants to miss a great story. And every lawyer has a great story. 

Briefly helps people who have incredible, eye-opening, untold stories about our legal system share those stories with people who can tell them.

With Briefly, lawyers share just enough information for TV journalists to quickly and easily decide if a potential story intrigues them enough to pursue their own reporting.

For a quick introduction to Briefly, watch this video or read on.

How does Briefly work? 

If you’re a lawyer with a great story, answer these questions.

If you’re a TV journalist who’d like to tell a great story, let us know that here.

We have a working relationship with one Bay Area station, and we’re looking to build relationships with stations in other areas. 

Why TV journalists, in particular? 

Tons of people get their news from local TV. How many? According to a recent Pew survey71% (!) of American adults watch local TV news over the course of a month. 

But, local TV news audiences are also among the least informed news audiences

So why not see if we can do something about that?